Chemical Peels

Level I / $70
G.M Collin Chemical Peels

G.M Collin offers a verity of professional chemical peels designed to promote exfoliation, improve skin texture, reduce signs of aging, treat acne concerns and brighten the complexion. G.M Collin chemical peels are designed to give a progressive results. Although a visible difference can be achieved from the initial peeling, it is recommended to be prescribed in a series of 4 to 6 treatments. The number of peelings can be increased depending on the severity of the skin condition(s) to be treated. A complete program will be put together by one of our professional skin care specialist coupled with home care recommendations to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Level II / $95
AFA Chemical Peel

AFA Antioxidant Facial Peels are great for improvement in tone and texture of the skin, pigmentation such as age spots and sun damage and vast improvement with acne and acne scarring.This Peel provides exfoliation and powerful antioxidants with little irritation associated with peels of this strength. Unlike other chemical peels, AFA peels can be used in tandem with other cosmetic procedures such as IPLs and non ablative lasers. AFA Antioxidant Peels have been developed in a series of strengths: 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60.

Level III / $125
AFA Clay Peel

The AFA Clay Peel ™ is one of the most advanced facial application in skin care. This unique two-step in-office procedure includes a rare earth clay masque that draws impurities from the skin and prepares the skin for the application of a specific strength AFA gel peel. This peel optimizes the exfoliation benefits and the antioxidant benefits of the AFAs. You can experience dramatic improvements in skin texture, skin, pigmentation irregularities (sun damage), and the overall healthy appearance of the skin.